Camel Safari Jaisalmer – All About Desert Safari Journey and Preparation

Camel Safari Jaisalmer - All About Desert Safari Journey and Preparation

I am a digital marketer by profession but have always enjoyed travelling to different places. I believe that travelling opens up new channels of thought and helps you think beyond the usual. Travelling usually gives me new fashion ideas. I guess one of the most enjoyable and mind soothing experience was the camel safari Jaisalmer. I would love to share the experience of my best things to do in jaisalmer with my readers.

Experience Camel Safari Jaisalmer

Camel Safari Jaisalmer
Camel Safari Jaisalmer

You can go enjoy camel trekking at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. They take you for camel trekking in the Thar desert. The tour guide will help you board the camel and travel through the desert. The heat can be quite a challenge for people who are not accustomed to high temperatures. You may also find it tricky and time consuming to adjust to the camel.

Delectable Food

vegetarian Indian cuisine
Vegetarian Indian cuisine

During the trek, you may halt at some convenient dune in the desert where your chef may prepare meals for you. Very often you may come across tour guides, who also are skilled chefs themselves! You must not expect anything other than pure vegetarian Indian cuisine. The food is simply prepared but usually a great delight for food lovers.

Star Gazing Moments

You may be accustomed to sleeping in perfectly furnished rooms with all the necessary amenities. Yet, the experience of sleeping on the sand next to the camels you have been riding all day long is truly out of this world. You get to see a starry night like never before. If you are a city dweller, you will surely fall in love with the endearing view of the night sky.

The experience is truly unique and makes an impact on the minds of travelers. Here are some tips that may help you during your journey on the sands:

  • Make sure you carry a bottle of water during your journey. The tour guides usually carry enough water but it is always good to take precautions.
  • Make sure you carry a torch. The desert is pitch dark in the night and you will surely need a torch at some point during the journey.

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