Useful Hiking Tips – Best Essential Tips Useful for Hiking

Useful Hiking Tips - Best Essential Tips Useful for Hiking

Hiking and trekking has been amongst one of my favorite activities. Hiking is one of the adventure sports that is extremely popular and can be loads of fun for your friends. I have been hiking since my school days. So through this post, I intent to share some really useful hiking tips with all my readers.

Few Useful Hiking Tips that must be kept in mind while hiking.

Useful Hiking Tips
Useful Hiking Tips

Hydrate yourself:

Drinking water on regular interval is really necessary for any outdoor activity or sports. However, the water requirement may vary since every person has a different body. It also depends up to the temperature and climate of your hiking location. A normal person requires at least four to six ounces of water every 30 minutes.  Rather than gulping the whole bottle, it is recommended that you takes a little sip every now and then.

Happy feet:

Hiking is about enjoying your journey rather than just finishing first. Do not run around and exhaust your legs. So, it is important that you take care of your feet.

Hiking Activites
Hiking Activities

Keep swapping your shoes. For example, start your trek by wearing sandals than change to boots and at the end of your trip get into your comfy shoes. This help in maintaining the blood within your feet’s.

Take regular breaks and remove your shoes during that time, give them some air. Keep your feet elevated while you take a break. If they feel stressed out then you can also massage them.

If you are near a lake or a river and your feet feels swollen then you should let them open and soak in the cold flowing water. This revitalize the blood flow and offer relief from swelling and heat.

Aches and body pain

  • Stretch your body at regular interval to avoid stressing your muscles and getting aches.
  • Use stretch poles to decrease the pressure on your knees.
  • If your knees still feel swollen then takes some ibuprofen to ease your legs.
  • I would also recommend to have some milk or dairy product after your hike. Milk helps in muscle recovery.

So these are some of the most effective tips that every adventurous seeker should consider before starting their hike. Hope you liked this post and feel free to share your valuable suggestion. I would be more than happy to learn few things from you guys.

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