Fashion Trends – Fashion Inspirations and Trends that Inspire Me

Fashion Trends - Fashion Inspirations and Trends that Inspire Me

Fashion has always been my first passion. I enjoy shopping beautiful attires that reflect unique trends of the season. You can be well dressed only if you know the principles of fashion and what makes a particular outfit standout. I give tips to my friends which helps them select the right attire. I wish to share a few facts about latest fashion trends with you right here.

Latest Fashion Trends in our Lifestyle

Latest Fashion Trends
Latest Fashion Trends


The design or pattern on a dress creates a feeling of movement. This helps to generate interest in the particular outfit. You must make sure that you select an outfit with a movement that matches the body movement.


In fashion, balance refers to physical balance. The dress can have a great impact on the way you look to the people around you. There are two ways of balancing an attire: symmetric balancing and asymmetric balancing.  Asymmetric balancing is common in contemporary attires while in traditional outfits symmetric balancing is common.

Fashion Trends
Fashion Trends


Proportion mainly refers to the interrelation between diverse parts of a garment. The laws of proportion keep changing over the years. The proportions and balance of an attire has an impact on the way a person looks.


Emphasis, as the word suggests is the focal point of the garment. There is some aspect of the outfit which draws all the attention and makes the dress desirable. This is called the emphasis of the outfit.

My Inspiration: Raghavendra Rathore

Top designers like Raghavendra Rathore make sure that all these individual elements work together to form great attires which are well suited for different occasions.

I have always been her great admirer. He designs outfits to suit various seasons and even simple occasions. Outfits designed by her are graceful and bring out the best of masculine and feminine beauty. I love his collection and have always tried to follow her unique styles and trends. In my outfits, I try to be innovative and creative. I know that fashion is all about being unique and yet not being weird.

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