Street Shopping – Handy Tips for Bargaining Always Keep in Mind

Street Shopping - Handy Tips for Bargaining Always Keep in Mind

In Mumbai City, street shopping is quiet famous among Mumbaikars. This is one best thing I have learnt- Bargaining. It saves lots of money. Street shopping is time consuming, you would need a day but if you’re running short on cash / not so brand conscious then must go for it. Things available are well to do quality which may last for 3-6 months.  Here, are few tips to use while you shop road side articles:

Few Handy Tips for Street Shopping Bargaining

Street Shopping
Street Shopping

Know the price:

Make sure, you check all the stalls and prices at which goods are being offered. This will give you a fair idea of the actual price of goods as well you will know about the best deals.

Be Neutral:

There are times, on seeing the accessories / clothes/shoes we like; we express it then and there. We become too excited this gives a chance to the shopkeeper to sell the item at a higher price as they are aware you would buy.

Always have change handy:

While , shopping you must remember to have cash in form of change – 10 notes of Rs 10/ 5 coins of Rs 1,2 &5 respectively and 10 notes of Rs50 & Rs100. As the shopkeepers usually say they do not have a change and keep the remaining amount. Ultimately no point of bargaining then as at end you land up paying same amount due to lack of change.

 Be polite and friendly:

A street vendor meets ample of customers a day and many of them have been loud in verbal bargain. So, when you go in ensure talking friendly which might help you in getting articles at a lower price. Do thank the vendor after the purchase with a smile.

Take the vendor into confidence:

Ensure the vendor that you are looking for a bulk purchase in future and if they offer you a good deal, you will be associated with them regularly. This will help you get goods at cheap rates.

These are the few tips which will help you be a good bargainer while street shopping.

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