Aguada Fort Goa – Offbeat Destination You Must Explore

Aguada Fort Goa - Offbeat Destination You Must Explore

Spending exciting moments at the Agonda beach, I came back to my room, had my dinner and slept early because I had to leave for the Aguada Fort the next morning. After a tight nap, I woke up early at 6 am and got ready for the day by 7 am. I went to the restaurant and ordered omelets and milk for breakfast. I wondered that one glass of milk was costlier than one glass of beer in Goa. After finishing my quite breakfast hurriedly, I sat on my scooter and rushed to the Aguada fort goa because it was pretty far from my hotel.

Aguada Fort Goa
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It was about 40 km far from my hotel and it took me 30 minutes to reach there because I rode slowly while having a look at the beauty of ‘real’ Goa. The Aguada fort was located on the Aguada beach. It is the perfect location if you want to enjoy the combined beauty of sand, surf and sun. Aguada differs from all other beaches in Goa for the bevy of historical attractions and forts it offers in addition to sun and the sand. The plain beach with a number of old citadels in the background is a famous spot among tourists. Many people come here to enjoy the magnificence of the citadels basking in the sun. It houses the reputed Aguada Fort Goa.

The History of Aguada Fort Goa

Lighthouse in Aguada Fort Goa
Lighthouse in Aguada Fort Goa

The Portuguese took the initiative to build the fort in the year 1612 for safeguarding Goa against the attack of the Marathas and the Dutch. Although it is smaller than the forts in Rajasthan, it is preserved quite well. The name of the fort was derived from that of a spring that was utilized by a group of ships for replenishing the water. I learnt that the term Aguada stands for water. Similar to the citadel, the Lighthouse in the fort has witnessed the changes that have taken place over time. It stands amongst the oldest lighthouses in the continent and was constructed in the year 1864. The lighthouse was functioning for more than 100 years when a comparatively modern lighthouse replaced it.

All this extra information was etched on the tiles just outside the fort. The tower bell, which has survived centuries of weather and movements before being installed in the Church of Lady of Immaculate Conception stands as a mute testimony to the impressive history of Aguada Fort Goa. It was already about 11 am and I had to leave that picturesque place in order to move to my Hotel.

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