Health Benefits of Swimming – The Ultimate Form of Exercise

Health Benefits of Swimming - The Ultimate Form of Exercise

Due to constant sedentary work, traveling, outside food lately had been putting on weight. My clothes were becoming small in size. This was the time when I decided to start working out. Somehow, I hated gym workout or any classes. So, I choose my favorite outdoor activity as a workout regime. Swimming is best to shred unwanted weight. The health benefits of swimming are numerous, significant, and undeniable. Swimming is the ultimate all-in-one fitness package.

Health Benefits of Swimming for Weight Loss, Health, and More

Health Benefits of Swimming
Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming helps to ease your stiff body muscles without allowing too much strain on your joints. Studies have proved swimming as an ultimate way to exercise for those who are obese, suffer from arthritis, muscular and joint problems. (Check the study by the University of South California named ‘Fountain of Youth’)

Water makes our body weight lighter by 90% approximately, when we float on the water we carry only 10% f our body weight, while when half submerged our body feels only 50% of our total weight. It is most recommended to do water aerobics or aqua pallets.

High-calorie burn, swimming helps into burnout 700-800 calories per session. Around 45 mins of swimming daily will make weight loss quick.

When we swim, our body releases chemicals which stimulates our brain, pass a feeling of relaxing and good mood. One just enjoys to the fullest.

Doing, laps /jumping/ different swim styles are much more fun than a regular weight loss training and cardiovascular exercise.

Overall, swimming provides a good control to increasing weight, easy stretches to stiff muscles and relief to brain cells and joint pains. A dip in a pool is 1000’s times better than anything.

To make it more enthusiastic, one must plan poolside events/ evenings with friends and family. If no one then, race with people who swim in daily at your time of swimming. These things keep you motivated, help in achieving your weight loss target.

So, get up, start swimming and living a longer, youthful life.

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