Paragliding In Nainital – An Exhilarating Experience Of Flying Like Birds

Paragliding in Nainital

After yet another monotonous day at work, I decided that I needed some time off from my daily work. Also, this small vacation could go on and help me focus better on my job. Before getting into the details of my experience, I would like to introduce myself, I am Vijay Joshi and I am quite passionate about adrenaline sports, nature and wildlife.We planned a trip to Nainital, the hill station in the state of Uttarakhand. The place is a resort town and is a perfect venue to get the adrenaline flowing, with the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities and particularly adventure sports like paragliding and Rafting. Paragliding in Nainital is a famous adventure sports in this area.

Nainital one of the India’s top destination for paragliding. Feel exciting experience of paragliding in Nainital with a set of certified pilots and flying enthusiasts.

The Most Popular Activities Are Rafting And Paragliding In Nainital

Famous Nainital Lake
Famous Nainital Lake

There were various activities one  could engage in. Rafting and Paragliding, instantly caught my attention. And many thanks to the Nainital tourism department, the required information was very readily on their website and this prepared us to an extent, as to what to expect out of this  activity.

The most famous spot for Paragliding in Nainital is Naukuchiatal. This place is around thirty-five kilometers from Nainital. The experience includes 5-10 minutes of flying. The glider is directly under the control of a well-trained pilot. Must say, the experience is surreal and it makes one feel like a bird, flying high up in the skies.

Paragliding In Nainital A Surreal Experience

Paragliding in Nainital
Paragliding in Nainital

The flight is not always possible and it depends on the favorable climatic conditions. Also, people suffering from heart diseases or Blood Pressure issues, are given a stern warning.

There are three categories of flight – Normal Fly, High Fly, and Solo Fly. Normal fly is for beginners, and the duration is around 10 minutes. High Fly is opted by adventure enthusiasts, and the flight duration goes up to an hour in the air. And lastly, Solo Fly which is for experts.

The trip went as per the plan and the weekend getaway surely pumped up my work output at work, but one activity that would forever remain etched in memory is the experience of Paragliding in Nainital, no doubt about it! I will also bet my last penny that I will surely try this out once again very soon !


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