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Manali Hill Station

During British time, Most of the hill stations in India were developed by the European colonists. Hill station in India has made a mark in becoming the loved tourist destinations. This article lists the popular top hill stations in India.

Top hill stations in India have now transformed into popular vacationing spots where travelers from within as well as outside the country come.

Discover top hill stations in India that you must visit in this summer.


Manali, Top Hill Stations in India
Manali, Top Hill Stations in India

Manali is considered to be one of the top hill stations in India for many reasons. There are interesting perspectives which are available for the explorers in the region. Manali is a place which is located inside the heart of the Kullu Valley and is located at a height of 1950 meter and there are host of activities which you can perform here including skiing, trekking and climbing.


Kasauli is hill station nestled in the shadows of the mighty oaks, pines and other coniferous tress. One can catch a view of the rolling planes of the cities of Punjab and Haryana from the top. The beauty and the cool mountain air helps many people relax over their weekends spent here. It is a beautiful town and is one of the go to places to the people living in the neighboring cities.


Saputara is a beautiful hill station which is located at four kilometers from Maharashtra state border. It is situated in the Dang District at an altitude of 1000 m above the sea level. Saputara means habitat of snakes. The tribal people of this area worship snakes, especially during the Holi festival. Saputara is popular as a well-planned resort hill station. The picturesque place offers many beautiful spots of sightseeing, trekking, etc. The place has much more to offer other than inviting greenery. The hill station offers boating opportunities. The pristine waterfalls are breath-taking. Sunset and sunrise points add to the beauty of this amazing place.


Famous Toy Steam Train Darjeeling Hill Station
Famous Toy Steam Train Darjeeling Hill Station

Darjeeling is the premier hill station of West Bengal. Here the colonial type of architecture can be enjoyed at its best. The visitors here have a wide variety of activities like trekking and exploring nature in all its glory. The-monasteries, temples and the animals are a rare treat. Most of the tourists come here during the summer months to enjoy their stay amidst the beauty of this hill station.


Kodaikanal Hill Station
Kodaikanal Hill Station

One of the most sought after and popular hill stations of south India is Kodaikanal. It is situated 7200 above sea level and is known as the princes of hill stations. This place is pleasant all the year round with cool misty climate, lovely woods and waterfalls and lakes. Visitors especially honeymooners come here to enjoy its scenic environs, and the wonderful climate it has to offer.


Mussoorie Picturesque Hill Station
Mussoorie Picturesque Hill Station

Mussoorie is one of the most picturesque hill station located in the Garhwal region of the Himalayan Ranges. Best known for the panoramic view of the lofty mountains, lakes and water fall, the hill station ranks high on list of the most sought after tourist destination in India.

Some of the major tourist destinations in and around Mussoorie include Nahata Estate, Gunhill, Kempty Falls, Lake Mist, Municipal Garden, Mussoorie Lake, Bhatta Falls, Mossy Fall, Sir George Everest’s House, Nag Devta temple, Jwalaji Temple and Van Chetna Kendra.

Mount Abu

In the district of Rajasthan there is Mount Abu a hill station which is famous for its beautiful surroundings and cool climate. It is home to wild life sanctuaries and also to many temples. Then there are wonderful lakes and famous toad rock which attracts droves of tourists here all the time. As the tourists come here all the year round. The scenic surroundings and tranquil environs can be enjoyed tourists.


Lonavala Hill Station
Lonavala Hill Station

Lonavala is a small town and a hill station in the district of Pune. This town, hill station is well connected by train, is very near to Pune and Mumbai. The climate is quite cool and hence most people come here during summer months to escape the heat of main cities.


Panchmarhi is a famous hill stations located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the only hill station which is in the state and hence a popular tourist hot spot. The sere climate of the region and the natural beauty in abundance makes the place a very famous tourist hot spot. Moreover, the colonial era architecture makes the place even more stunning. It is a perfect destination for holiday in the region. The best days to visit this part of the world is during the monsoons when it is green everywhere.


View of Church in Lansdowne
View of Church in Lansdowne

Lansdowne is a beautiful and quaint hill station in the Uttarakhand state of India. It is known for its serene and beautiful weather and many places of interest. The place is one of the best for a holiday in the region as there are many tourist attractions and experiences to have here. It is one of the places full of natural beauty all over.

These top hill stations in India provide travelers scenic views and a chance to escape the summer heat of the plains. Explore and plan a trip with family to one of these hill stations for a truly memorable vacation.

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