Panhala Fort Kolhapur – A Historical Fort in Western Ghats

Ambarkhana Panhala Fort

In Month of May, I and my better half visited my in-law’s home in Sangali for some function. During this time, we planned to visit the famous Panhala fort and Rankala lake in Kolhapur. Kolhapur is not merely a tourism center for the drifters, but it evokes prodigious images of virgin beauty and blissful enchantment. This fact was unfurled to me from the very beginning of my journey to Kolhapur. I could feel that air of excitement after reaching the joyful city of Marathas. Our first destination was the Panhala Fort. The distance between Sangli to Panhala Fort Kolhapur is hardly 70 Kms. We reached over there in 1.30 hrs by our car.

Panhala, a small city in Kolhapur is basically a hill station in its own way, with a sense of beautification and congenial atmosphere surrounding it.

Some historical Facts about Panhala Fort Kolhapur

Inside View of Panhala Fort Kolhapur
Inside View of Panhala Fort Kolhapur

The Panhala Fort built on the sprawling area of the city gives a panoramic sight of the valley below. Located 22 km away from Kolhapur district and at a height of 3177 feet above the level of the sea, the fort is intimately connected to the ancient Mughal Empire. Shivaji, founder of the fort had spent nearly 500 days at this fort, despite of other childhood homes. The varied and long history of Panhala Fort justifies its strategic significance in protecting one of the many principal routes through the Western Ghats. The most powerful and the imposing structure of the fort was the Teen Darwaza, which made me stare at it constantly. My visit to this fort comprised of many sections, a tour to Ambarkhana housing the palace, granary and the administration department, the Sajja Koth embellished with a long interesting story of its period, Kalavatincha Mahal, Andhar Bavadi a hidden well to stationed soldiers, and last but not the least, the Dharma Kothi.

The architecture style of the Panhala Fort Kolhapur

The architecture of the Panhala Fort Kolhapur is inherited from the Bijapuri style with the peculiarity of the peacock motif easily visible on the different structures. The beautiful carvings and its historical evidence had a remarkable and keen impression on my experiences of the journey. I was getting contented to the uniqueness and sprawling areas of Kolhapur, with so much of literature inherited in it.

Quick Info

Panhala, Maharashtra, India
Hill fort
Bhoja II, Adil Shah
Stone, Lead
845 m

It was a fully accomplished day out, with lots of refreshments and recreation. A few snapshots were also clicked to restore the memory of the Fort. After we headed towards another famous place, Rankala Lake.


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