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Longines Watch

Branded watches are among distinctive timepieces. The credit mainly goes to the elegance that is being offered by them. An individual who is actually fashion loving will obviously look out for watches that are attractive, stylish and robust. Branded watches actually have the perfect proportion of symmetry of designs and beautiful colors. When it comes to luxury top Swiss watch brands, what makes them so popular is the fact that they sport a modern touch to them along with being bold and their style is unique which is why it is so popular among the youths.

Top swiss watch brands actually hold a stylish appearance. As a result, they never fail to make a great impression.

Here, check are some top Swiss Watch Brands

Rado Watch, Top Swiss Watch Brands
Rado Watch, Top Swiss Watch Brands

1. Rado 

Rado is a brand we all have heard about. It produces branded watches and the company is based in Switzerland. It is known for its sophisticated watches and the elegance that reflects in every piece. However, there are duplicate versions of it, which serves best for the same purpose but with a ten times lesser price. Rado is a brand that is a manufacturer of luxurious accessories and is certified.

2. Omega 

Omega is one of the top Swiss watch brands that have been ruling the industry for a long period of time. The company has been manufacturing astounding watches for years. Such a great feature has actually boosted the company in becoming one of the leading brands in the market. The company stands tall with the brand name that it is has acquired in the market with its great performance. Watches that they deliver never lack in making a great fashion statement!

Rolex Watch
Rolex Watch

3. Rolex 

Rolex is a highly reputed Swiss watchmaking company, which manufactures luxury watches of various designs in its manufacturing unit of Geneva, for more than a century. The immense popularity of these exclusive watches has achieved quite high ranking for this brand among the global leaders in the industrial sector. However, the high prices of these designer watches prevent the common people from buying these Swiss products.

4. Tissot 

Tissot is a Swiss company that is famous worldwide for manufacturing beautiful luxury watches. Different types of exclusive watches and wall clocks made by this company are the favorites in all continents. This company was established in Le Locle, by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile Tissot in 1853. Tissot famous for the manufactured affordable and reliable is available throughout the world.

Longines Watch
Longines Watch

5. Longines 

Longines is a world-famous Swiss brand that is acclaimed for manufacturing attractive watches of various designs. Generally, most of these traditional watches made by this highly reputed company are quite expensive and cannot be afforded by most of the common people. However, it is a secret desire of many men to own a watch from the Longines Saint Imier collection, which will upgrade their status among other people in the society.

6. Roger Dubuis 

Roger Dubuis watches are one of the luxury brand watches, which means it is on the more expensive side. People that do not have an extravagant amount of income will be unable to buy it. Ranging from flashy watches to elegant, each and everything is available in the store. Watches come in variable shapes as well as sizes

7. Tag Heuer 

Tag Heuer is one of the most famous companies that has made its name in the market by producing super-quality watches. The brand has been one of the top companies over the last few centuries. But prices of these watches are actually very high and that is the reason that makes people think twice to buy Tag Heuer watches.

8. Patek Philippe 

Patek Philippe is a Swiss company that is famous worldwide for manufacturing beautiful luxury watches. Different types of exclusive watches and wall clocks made by this company are the favorites in all continents. This company was established in Geneva, nearly a couple of centuries back by two Polish watchmakers and now the different models of watches manufactured by this company are available throughout the world.

9. Panerai 

Panerai is a company that has been producing great watches for more than decades. It holds a great brand value. These watches are known for comprising great classic style. They provide great satisfaction to customers. These watches are done in accordance with the recent fashion statements. People mostly buy these watches for daily usage purpose and most importantly make a great impact on the international market. It has become quite popular among the international brands.

10. Ulysse Nardin 

Luxury Watches by Ulysse Nardin have been well known to be among perfect combinations of incomparable engineering and beauty. The Ulysse Nardin watches reflects high quality along with exquisite designs. Such exquisite designs are often featured with the help of highly precious stones along with expensive metals like gold and platinum.

These are the top Swiss watch brands you should need to know before purchasing your favorite Swiss luxury watches.

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