Ahmedabad International Airport – Busiest Airports In Gujarat State

Ahmedabad International Airport - Busiest Airports In Gujarat State

One of the busiest cities in the country is the city of Ahmedabad. Located in the state of Gujarat, the city has been developed vastly and has now become a large business centre for the entire nation. Not only the city has developed in business, but the Gujarat city has also maintained its natural charm and thus attracts tourists from all over the nation. Ahmedabad receives a large number of tourists from across the nation for various purposes such as business or leisure. As a result, the Ahmedabad International Airport has become a very busy one over the years.

The airport was established in the year 1937 and later began its international operations in the year 1992. The airport is known as the Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport. It is named after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the 1st Deputy Prime Minister of India. IATA code for this airport is AMD.

Interesting Facts about Ahmedabad International Airport

Ahmedabad International Airport
Ahmedabad International Airport

According to studies, the airport is ranked eighth, being the busiest airport with respect to passenger traffic. There are various flights both domestic and international that carry out functions from the airport of Ahmedabad. The most frequent flights are from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, which are about 92 flights weekly and Ahmadabad to New Delhi which is approximately 62 flights weekly. It is a small airport comparing to other biggers like Mumbai Airport, but it also has Terminal Services such as restaurants and dutty free shops. It was awarded as “Most improved airport” in Asia-Pacific region by the Airports Council International for 2017.

Terminals Details at Ahmedabad International Airport

At the Ahmedabad International Airport, there are 2 terminals:

Terminal 1: The terminal 1 is spread over an area of 480,000 sq ft at the airport and has a total number of 32 check-in counters.

Ahmedabad Airport Terminal-2
Ahmedabad Airport Terminal-2

Terminal 2: The terminal 2 at the airport was opened in the year 2010. The terminal 1 is spread over an area of 559,450 sq ft. This terminal has 4 aero-bridges and 32 check-in counters in total. This terminal has the capacity to serve more than 1600 passengers at a time.

Cargo Terminal: The airport owns a cargo terminal which can handle 51,637 tonnes of cargo. Around 60% of the cargo comes from the domestic sources.

Runway: The airport has a single runway that is 3,505 metres (11,499 ft) long.

Ahmadabad International Airport Lounge

As there are so many flights flying from this airport and so many flights coming to this airport, there are a lot of people who visit this airport. And when people visit they have to wait also, for their flights or sometimes people come to receive their guests on the airport, so there has to be a very good provision of waiting in the airports. And this Ahmadabad Airport never disappoints anyone on this basis. There is a very good provision of lounge in this airport, where people can easily come and can wait without any problems.

Ahmadabad Airport Lounge is very comfortable. In these lounges you can easily spend your time and you can even spend the whole night in these lounges. These provide you the experience of full comfort and hence never let you feel bored or disappointed while waiting.

Ahmadabad International Airport Facilities

It is very important for any airport to make it full of facilities for the people visiting and travelling using their airport. Ahmadabad Airport also has a lot of facilities for the people. These facilities are actually very large in number. There are some food courts of some well known companies for the people so that they can enjoy same tasty snacks and food at the airport Also there is the parking facility for the visitors as they have the vehicles too. Also if vehicle is not present, you can get the service of bus or hire can hire a driver for yourself. There are well equipped wash rooms, awesome conditions and home like lounges. All these Ahmadabad Airport Facilities makes this airport a special one.

Airlines Operates from Ahmadabad International Airport

Jet Airways
Jet Airways

The most frequent airline brands Jet Airways, Indigo Airlines and JetLite operate from the Ahmedabad airport. These services are Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service that offers bus services to the airport. Also, the airport has set up prepaid taxi booths for the convenience of passengers.

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